PSI CRC Summary for Customers - English

Prêt pour les CRC au 1er janvier 2021 - Français


Part 2 of the Vaping Products Labelling and Packaging Regulations (VPLPR) covers the provisions of vaping products subject to provisions of Canada Consumer Product Safety Act.

The Child-Resistant Container (CRC) requirements under VPLPR for refillable vaping devices and refillable vaping parts come into force on Jan 1, 2021.

The Government of Canada has provided an industry guide, titled ‘Industry Guide to Vaping Products Subject to the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act’ and can be viewed by visiting this link:

For the specific section of CRC within the VPLPR, please visit:

CRC Summary

What products are impacted by this CRC Requirement?

All refillable vaping devices and refillable vaping parts are impacted.  These include:



Cartridges (aka Open Pods)

Open Pod Systems

What’s the difference between ‘Compliant’ vs ‘Certified’?

Compliant vaping products that are “closed” or non-refillable are considered ‘compliant’ as constructed by design they meet the requirement outlined in the regulations. 


Non-refillable (pre-filled),sealed, ,' closed pod’ cartridges

Select cartridges or pods that have design features like ‘PTF – Press To Fill’ (as an example).

Certified vaping products are tested according to a child test protocol requirement of a standard, with a certificate conforming to ISO 8317 or related equivalent as defined in the VPLPR.

When does this CRC requirement come into effect?

January 1, 2021

Do retailers need to maintain every product’s certificate or related documents for inspection?

Short Answer: No

Explanation: Pacific Smoke ensures all of its product sold meet CRC requirements and maintains all certificates, and related documents from manufacturers or vendors, when demanded from a governing agency.  Such inspection inquiries will be supported from Pacific Smoke where needed.