10 Effective Strategies for Boosting Your

Vape Store's Growth in Canada! 


Running a vape store comes with its share of unpredictability.  

While you may not be involved in product production, you're the face of sales! To stay ahead in this ever-changing market, it's crucial to adopt key strategies to minimize that unpredictability.  

In this article, we'll delve into ten immediate and impactful approaches to propel growth with your business. 

1. Upkeep for Upsell 

 What is the first thing people see when they enter your store? Is it a dusty display area? Overcrowded e-liquid shelf? Or maybe they walk right into a barrier wall. Customers are making assumptions about how their experience is going to be within the first couple of seconds upon entering. The first thing you can do is optimize their store experience by creating a seamless entry and directing them immediately to your top-selling products.  

This consists of: 

  • Creating a clean and easy-to-see display counter 
  • Highlight the most popular products at eye level  
  • Separating similar-looking brands 

By doing so, it gives the impression of a well-stocked inventory with a diverse range of products and quantities, all while ensuring a high level of organization. Lead them to the sales you want and keep in mind the perspective you give the customer! Check out more information on organizing your vape store inventory with this article that goes into detail: Mastering Vape Shop Inventory: 15 Essential Tips for Success (pacificsmoke.com) 


2. To See Is To Trust 

To build the trust of your customers they must be shown something multiple times! This means being exposed to your branding or even seeing a product or its logo many times. For example, if a customer sees someone using an Allo disposable, then sees a banner ad for it, then enters your store and sees a poster for Allo, seeing that you sell the product, there is a sense of trust in the brand Allo along with trust for the store that they sell it. We have all become inherently visual learners in this day in age, which is why utilizing displays and visual content is so important for your store's growth. Showcase trusted vape products in Canada and you will be viewed as trusted yourself. 

Looking for marketing materials for your store? Sign in, or sign up, and take a look at all the marketing materials you can order directly for your store: Marketing (pacificsmoke.com). 


3. New Flavours Are Your Best Friend  

With every new launch at PSI, we’ve seen time and again that new flavours bring in hype and translate to sales. When Apple releases a new iPhone, the sales are through the roof! But when Apple releases a new iPhone, in a new colour, the sales are even higher. This is because they already love the product, but now there’s something new to try and allow customers to express themselves! Similarly, when it comes to introducing new flavours, customers have demonstrated a high level of enthusiasm and often request them specifically.

With consumers constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest, offering new flavours is a straightforward method to maintain their interest and loyalty, resulting in increased vape sales over time. 


4. Staff To Customer  

The front-line staff is important to help influence the customer’s decision-making, and here’s why. The customer will usually interact with the sales representative, and typically has questions about: 

  • Products (New and old) 
  • Device types 
  • Value for cost 
  • Changes in the market
  • Guidance & insight  

The guidance and insight of your vape store staff can significantly influence sales outcomes. Ensure that the goals of your vape store align with those of your staff. This creates a harmonious partnership that not only benefits your staff but also enhances the value of every sale. After all, the products favored by your staff are likely to be in demand by your customers! 


5. Compliance Is Key  

Expanding your business necessitates adjusting strategies in response to evolving market dynamics. As your business flourishes, it becomes crucial to stay updated on the shifting Provincial, Territorial, and Federal regulations governing store compliance. Being well-informed about compliance changes empowers you to grow your business seamlessly, avoiding any disruptions or setbacks due to non-compliance. Regulatory bodies will conduct periodic assessments of your marketing practices and product offerings. Adhering to Canadian vaping compliance guidelines is essential to ensure ongoing business operations and to secure stable sales and growth prospects. 

Looking for more information on everything about compliance? Read up on everything you need to know about compliance with our article: What You Need to Know About Compliant Vaping Products (pacificsmoke.com). 


6. What’s Trending? 

Trends may only last for a season, and change all the time, but the trust you can build with your customers through changing trends helps build your relationships with them! Picking up on the latest trends takes time and will continually influence the layout and design of your store. It gives you an edge to stay ahead of your competitors and gives you the chance to gain insight into your customers patterns. Keeping up with trends also does not have to be only knowing memes and music, it can also be predicting vape trends. For instance, recognizing patterns like increased battery purchases, a desire for new flavours, or shifts in visit frequency to vape stores are key indicators. These insights work synergistically to generate a steady flow of customers, creating the perception that you consistently offer what they need, precisely when they need it.

7. Are You Searchable? 

Maintaining a credible online presence is crucial for any business, including yours. It's essential for customers to be able to find and engage with you. One of the most critical factors is ensuring your Google listing is current and accurate. This serves as a first point of contact for potential customers. Without an updated online presence, you risk not being visible to consumers. 

To enhance your online presence, focus on updating your website with the following: 

  • Special offers: Keep customers engaged with enticing promotions. 
  • Top brands you carry: Showcase your premium offerings to attract brand-conscious consumers. 
  • Store information: Provide essential details like phone number and operating hours for easy accessibility. 

Falling behind in the digital realm can lead to missed opportunities. Stay proactive and keep your online presence up-to-date to ensure you stay competitive in the market. 


8. Supervise Sales 

As mentioned, the internet is an invaluable tool for sustaining and thriving in today's business landscape. It not only provides a platform for your business but also serves as a database of information about the vaping industry and competitors. Leveraging analytics can be instrumental in gaining insights into your sales performance. It enables you to pinpoint areas of profitability and identify areas that may require reevaluation and adjustment. Additionally, analytics can be a powerful tool for understanding your customer base, their preferences, and their needs, allowing you to tailor your offerings to better serve them. By staying attuned to what people are seeking and anticipating their vaping habits, you can position your business to meet their demands effectively. This proactive approach can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately contributing to the success and longevity of your business. 


9. Incentivise Repeat Business  

Understanding your customers is vital for establishing strong connections and fostering trust. This not only builds rapport but also provides valuable insights into their preferences and opinions. When engaging with your customers, ensuring the accuracy of the information you receive is crucial. Offering incentives is an effective way to encourage their participation.

To maintain ongoing engagement and customer loyalty, consider sharing: 

  • Discounts 
  • New product releases 
  • Complimentary add-ons 

These small but meaningful gestures will distinguish your business from competitors, setting you apart in the eyes of your customers. This personalized approach is key to driving customer satisfaction and repeat business. 


 10. Loyalty to The Vape

Customers want to feel like they are getting something more out of their purchase. It makes them feel better about their overall purchase and will create a desire to come back to your vape store. A great way of initiating this is a rewards program. When a customer is given a reason and incentive to come back, they are more likely to do so. Offering bundles of their favourite products is a great way for them to get a deal and for you to sell more products. The customer walks away happy and now you created a positive store experience. Keeping the customers involved gives them a valuable feeling and will associate your store with positivity. Looking for rebates and discounts on PSI products? The PSI Loyalty Program is an excellent way to maximize your margins quarter over quarter: Loyalty Program (pacificsmoke.com)

Tips to implement:  

  • Set up a clear sales/promo section for easy customer recognition. 
  • Maintain an updated news wall with industry updates, new products, and store info.
  • Hold quarterly staff meetings for insights and team bonding. 
  • Check for non-compliant products during inventory checks. 
  • Keep updated with industry news from major wholesalers. 
  • Experience the customer journey firsthand - from finding to purchasing vape products. 
  • Utilize Google Analytics for insights into website performance. 
  • Track promotion sales to gauge profit impact. 
  • Establish a loyalty program to retain and incentivize repeat purchasing. 
  • Enroll in Pacific Smoke’s Loyalty program for early access to new products. 

By taking small steps every day, you can reshape your business to stay ahead of the game. By immediately utilizing these 10 strategies to assist in growing your business, you can become a leader in the vape industry and start seeing escalating sales. By conducting your business with organization, marketing, analytics, and compliance, you will see your vape store grow bigger in a community that supports and relies on you. Start making a difference and impact in the vaping industry today and join the PSI family to be given updates, access to top-selling products, and exclusive compliant marketing resources and discounts! 

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