Attention: British Columbia Retailers - New BC E-Substance Regulations Information

All B.C. retailers are required to submit the following to the B.C. Government by August 3rd, 2020.

  1. Notice of Intent to the Ministry of Health to sell e-substances. Please click on the link to file your notice of intent.
    Government Link notice of intent vapour products
  2. Product Report – all Business owners must submit a product report to the Ministry of Health on all e-substances the retailer intends to sell. The following information must be provided in the following manner:
    • Name and Contact Information of the manufacturer
    • Brand Name and Product Name
    • Type of Product
    • Ingredients and Flavour Profile
    • Concentration of non-therapeutic nicotine (mg) and the capacity (ml)
    • The Business owner must report changes in product information 7 days after first selling the changed product
    • All previous sellers must submit by August 3, 2020

Attached is PSI's Retailer Product Reporting List

  • BC Retailer Product Reporting List

  • Live updates: New BC Products Report

  • BC Retailer Product

  • PSI Support to B.C Customers Sep 2020 PDF

  • PSI Support to B.C Customers Sep 2020

  • British Columbia Product Exchange Excel Form

  • British Columbia Product Exchange

  • For more information and help to submit Notice of Intent you can contact the B.C. Government Ministry of Health for technical support.

    Please download the following!