British Columbia Retailers – Information on B.C E-Substances Regulation and Public Health Act

**Requirements under the Public Health Act and E-Substances Regulation

     Laws around the sale, display, promotion, reporting and use of e-substances are in effect in British Columbia. All retailers and manufacturers of vapour products must meet the requirements of the Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act, the Public Health Act, the Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Regulation and the new E-Substances Regulation (ESR).

      What is New?

      The Ministry introduced new requirements related to the sale, display and promotion of vapour products under the newly enacted E-Substances Regulation under the Public Health Act. Existing vapour product retailers have a transition period until September 15, 2020 to comply with some of the new requirements.

  • Letter to Retailers of Vapour Products in British Columbia (PDF, 83KB)
  • See the B.C.’s E-Substances Regulation: Retailers’ Guide for further details

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    All B.C. retailers are required to comply with the E-Substances Regulation on two parts:

    1. Notice of Intent (NOI) to the Ministry of Health to sell e-substances. The NOI must be submitted prior to January 15 of each year that a retailer intends to continue sales.
    2. Product Report – all Business owners must submit a product report to the Ministry of Health on each E-substance the retailer intends to sell. Product reports must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to selling a restricted E-substance at retail
      • Product information must be submitted by email to and must include the legal business name in the subject of the email.

    Pacific Smoke’s Retailer Product Reporting List (Use this file as part of your product report)

  • BC Retailer Product Reporting List

  • Live updates: New BC Products Report (New product releases can be found here)

  • BC Retailer Product

  • PSI Guidance on Vaping Product Packaging Requirement

  • BC Labelling and Packaging Requirement

  • For complete government information to Notice of Intent and Reporting requirements, please click here: B.C Government Website - Notice of Intent to sell E-Substances

    For more information and help to submit Notice of Intent you can contact the B.C. Government Ministry of Health for technical support.

    B. C Health Authority Contacts

    To ask questions about enforcement of tobacco and vapour product control laws, contact your local health authority. Click on the links below to visit their site:

  • Fraser Health
  • Interior Health
  • Island Health
  • Northern Health
  • Vancouver Coastal Health