Vape Terminology:

57 Vape Terms Explained! 



Are you always turning to Google to answer all your vaping questions?  

We have compiled a list of the top 57 vaping terms to help you uncover a whole new vocabulary and expand your knowledge.  

Read through our clearly defined terms that will guide you to become an expert today: 


  1. 510 connection – Standard threading found on most mod devices so the tank can be screwed in
  2. Airflow – Made to allow air to flow through the device to preference either giving a smooth draw with lots of vapor, or harsher hit with little vapor. 
  3. All-day vape (ADV) – E-liquid or setup used throughout the day. These can be subtle flavours that stay consistent and are not too overpowering. 
  4. Battery – The main component that supplies power to the device. 
  5. Battery Safety – Practices to ensure safe battery use to eliminate malfunctions.  
  6. Beast Mode – Activation on Flavour Beast’s Beast Mode device to fire 2 coils at once.  
  7. Bottom feeder – Device with a squonk system. 
  8. Box mod – Rectangular-shaped, powerful vape device. 
  9. Cartridge – A cartridge is a mouthpiece for an open pod device. Inside this mouthpiece is also where you put the e-liquid and the coil.  
  10. Charger – Cord to recharge battery in rechargeable devices.  
  11. Chucking clouds – Slang for producing a large vapor that looks like clouds. 
  12. Clearomiser – A transparent cartridge and atomizer combined to allow vapers to measure e-liquid. 
  13. Cloud chaser – This is a person who always tries to blow the biggest clouds and usually experiments with making their own mods. 
  14. Clouds – This word is a slang word for vapor as it looks like clouds exiting your mouth.  
  15. Coil – A filter in every device that turns the e-liquid into vapor to inhale.  
  16. Coil jig – Tool for building coils and other pieces of your mod. 
  17. Direct-to-lung (DTL) – Inhaling vapor directly into the lungs. 
  18. Dry herb vaporizer – Device for vaporizing dry herbs, benefits include preserving drier herbs and mess-free smoking. 
  19. Dry hit – Harsh taste from the insufficiently saturated coil. Happens when you do not let the cotton in the coil absorb e-liquid before taking a hit. 
  20. E-Juice – Also known as e-liquid, it is a flavoured, or flavourless, nicotine liquid that is in every device.  
  21. E-liquid – Liquid nicotine solution in vape devices that vary from flavour to flavourless and nicotine strength.  
  22. Flavour chaser – A person who is constantly looking for the next best flavour. This person often loves bold unique flavours like Flavour Beast flavours. 
  23. Freebase – Has a harsh throat hit and is slower to enter the bloodstream, it also produces lots of vapor. 
  24. Hybrid mod – Device combining mechanical and regulated mod features. 
  25. mAh – Stands for milli Ampere hour. It is the level of power that the battery holds. The higher the mAh the longer the charge is held on the battery.  
  26. Mechanical mod – Also known as mech mod is an unregulated vaping device that is customized to a user's preference.  
  27. Mesh coil – Coil with a mesh-like structure for improved vapor production and flavour performance.  
  28. mg/mL – Milligram (mg) and milliliter (mL) are units commonly used in the context of vaping. In the context of e-cigarettes or vape products, mg refers to milligrams, representing the quantity of nicotine per milliliter (mL) in each bottle of vape juice. Milliliter (mL) is a measurement unit indicating the volume of vape juice contained in the device or bottle. 
  29. Mod – A mod is a term for a device that can be modified, it can also be called APV (advanced personal vaporizer). Most mods are built by individuals. 
  30. Mouth-to-lung (MTL) – Inhaling vapor into the mouth before the lungs.
  1. Nicotine strength – Concentration of nicotine in e-liquid. Shown on a product label as ‘Nicotine - # mg/mL’.
  2. Ohms – The ohm symbol (Ω) with be displayed along with a number on the coil. This number indicates the measure of electrical resistance the coil has.
  3. Overhang – Protrusion of tank beyond mod edges.
  4. Pass-through – Devices that have the ability to be used while charging. 
  5. PG allergy – Allergic reaction to the Propylene Glycol in e-liquid.
  6. PG/VG – Stands for Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. It is a main e-liquid component and can vary based on flavour.
  7. Pod system – Compact device using pre-filled or refillable pods. They are affordable and great for easily accessible vaping.
  8. Priming – Saturating a new coil with e-liquid before use.
  9. Pre-filled Vaping Device - Single-use, salt nicotine pre-filled vaping device.
  10. RDA – Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, allows for manual dripping.
  11. Resistance wire – Wire used to build the coil. There are different wires for different desired outcomes.
  12. RTA – Rebuildable Tank Atomizer, tank with user-built coils.
  13. Salt nicotine - Also known as salt nic, it gives a smooth flavourful It is quick to enter the bloodstream making it very impactful.
  14. Squonk mod – Mod with a built-in squeeze bottle for e-liquid eliminating the need for manual dripping.
  15. Stealth mode – Reducing device visibility for while
  16. Stealth vaping – Vaping to minimize attention.
  17. Steeping – Aging e-liquid to enhance flavour by leaving it to sit for 2-4 weeks.
  18. Sub-ohm – Coil with resistance less than 1 ohm for high-powered vaping with lots of vapor.
  19. Tank – Component that contains e-liquid in a vape device. 
  20. Temperature control – Setting and limiting coil temperature altering the power output ensuring you never reach a certain limit.
  21. Throat hit – Sensation felt in the throat when inhaling vapor.
  22. Vape band – Rubber band placed around the exterior of tank to protect it, should it ever fall. 
  23. Vaper's tongue – Temporary loss of taste sensitivity due to vaping occasionally causing dry mouth. 
  24. Vaping – Inhaling vapor from a vape device that either contains or does not contain nicotine. 
  25. Variable wattage – Adjusting power output in watts to control the amount of power flowing through your device.
  26. Wattage and Voltage – Wattage more commonly known as watts is the amount of power that the device holds. This determines for much output the device can give. The voltage on the other hand is the amount of power that flows through the device.
  27. Wick – Also known as cotton, inside the coil with a wire wrapped around it. The battery heats the coil which then heats the wick/cotton soaked in e-liquid which then goes through the tank to produce the vapor.


This list of the top 57 vaping terms defined is meant to help you gain confidence and open a whole new language you can use to, increase sales and keep your customers informed. Are there any terms you didn’t know?