Essential Resources for Canadian Vape
Shop Owners: A Comprehensive Guide


In the tight-knit world of operating a vape shop, connection to the right information is critical. With competitors nearby, it's vital to maintain an edge with resources that will enable your business to thrive. This article outlines key assets and materials you should have in place or introduce ASAP to help you do just that. Strengthen your position in the vape community with these straightforward and easy-to-implement resources – essential for any vape business: 

1. Free Promo Materials

For an easy way to increase interaction, start building brand touchpoints the moment customers step into your store. Incorporate: 

  • Promo Posters: Highlight deals, savings, and sales with eye-catching promotional posters. 
  • Product Highlights: Showcase new or featured products to capture immediate attention. 
  • Brand Mentions: Foster engagement through partnerships with brands that leave a lasting impression. 

Featuring marketing materials is a powerful tool for creating trust and planting seeds in the customer's mind before you even talk to them. By promoting highly trusted brands such as Allo, Flavour Beast, Level X and Drip’n you can create long-lasting trust and reliability with your customers.

There are many ways you can introduce promotional content into your store without taking up a lot of space. Resources like: 

  • Tent Card 
  • Shelf Talker 
  • Poster 
  • Flavour Menu  
  • Pullup Banner 

Marketing Resources: 

Looking for the right shelf talker or poster to add to your store? You’re in luck! We have a full library of free marketing materials, including: in-store materials to optimize your store, digital assets for your e-commerce and UPC/Barcodes for your inventory management. 

Sign in or sign up today and check out our Marketing Materials tab.


2. The Best Deals At PSI 

Unlock exclusive benefits by partnering with Pacific Smoke International. Gain access to a secret club of insider knowledge that will elevate your business above the competition. Our specialization lies in ensuring a risk-free wholesale process, empowering you to take control of your sales and rewards. 

Explore the advantages of PSI deals: 

  • Diverse product portfolio tailored for your store's success. 
  • Enjoy instant discounts on both hardware and e-liquid. 
  • Benefit from rebates on top-selling disposable products. 

Pacific Smoke International is committed to providing you with the best deals. As the largest and most trusted vaping distributor in Canada, we regularly introduce new high-quality brands and products. This ensures that you stay ahead of the curve and remain a trendsetter in the industry. 

Partnering with PSI opens the door to incredible deals, allowing you to save on bulk orders, receive rebates on popular products, and seize generous launch discounts. Never miss out on market trends or fall short on product launches again. Join the PSI club today and get access to resources that will help you thrive in the world of vaping! 


3. White-Glove Service  

Elevate your vape store to new heights by choosing to partner with PSI, the largest vape wholesaler in Canada. Experience unparalleled quality and exceptional customer service as you gain access to top-selling brands such as Flavour Beast, Allo, Drip’n, Level X, and more. 

When you opt for PSI, you eliminate the middleman, bringing you closer to lower prices and exclusive discounts. Enjoy the added advantage of having your dedicated sales representative committed to placing the best products on your shelves. What sets us apart is our commitment to your success – you only pay when you profit. 

Your dedicated sales representative is your main point of contact, ready to provide insights and expertise on: 

  • Industry trends 
  • Competition insights 
  • Product releases 

Our sales representative experts embody values of quality and dedication, ensuring an energized experience for your business. Benefit from lightning-fast results and industry-leading expertise that contribute to your store's success. 

Through our white-glove service, we are not just eliminating risk; we are creating possibilities for your vape store. Build a direct-to-retailer relationship with PSI to expand your knowledge, enhance your connections, and propel your business forward. 

Check out this signup form and we'll get in touch immediately! Wholesale Contact | Pacific Smoke International Inc. 


4. Government Rules 

Keeping up with Canada’s vaping laws is integral to the continuity of your business and prevents your business from being impeded, or, even shut down!  

However, keeping up with the changing vape market can be a full-time task. Staying informed is only the first half. So how do you keep up, stay informed, and implement the laws?  

Resources On Vaping Laws In Canada: 

There are many free resources you can turn to for reliable and updated information. For starters, we’ve built out a full guide for two key areas: 

  1. What You Need to Know About Compliant Vaping Products 
  2. Provincial Vape Laws in Canada 

For more information on the vaping laws across Canada, please refer to: 
- Learn more about the CPLR 
- Learn more about EA 2001 (Excise Tax) 
- Learn more about the NCVPR 
- Learn more about the TVPA 
- Learn more about VPLPR 

(These resources are intended to enhance your comprehension of government regulations and are not intended to serve as legal advice in any capacity.) 


5. Train Your Staff! 

Just as you would invest in the future of your store, the same translates to educating your staff. There are many new products hitting the market and we supply the resources to help keep your staff in the loop. Proper training material can be found at which provides extensive knowledge on disposables, mods, e-liquid, and more.  

Staying up to date on vape: 

  • Trends 
  • Laws 
  • Product Functions  

is imperative to your sales and the functionality of your business. Ways you can utilize our learning material to educate your staff and keep overall alignment is by: 

  • Weekly/Daily store updates  
  • Showcasing PSI material  

There are many resources here at PSI that make it easy to share with your staff to keep up with new product and key selling point to keep in mind. Creating a safe environment that thrives upon communication and education can motivate sales and encourage excellent customer service.  

Take a look at all our learning material like our extensive and informative article ‘ What You Need to Know When Choosing a Quality Vape (

Enhance your store's potential for profitability and create a knowledgeable, thriving environment by incorporating these essential resources immediately.  

With valuable learning materials and educational tools available here at PSI, we’re here to support you in transforming your store. 

Infuse your team with value and robust marketing skills, witnessing how your business effortlessly navigates the vape industry. Discover the steps to join the vape wholesale world today, gaining access to exclusive benefits and marketing materials. Elevate your store's success by staying informed and well-equipped in the dynamic vaping market. 

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