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Vape coils are a necessary part of every type of vape. They facilitate the conversion of e-liquid into vapour through the process of heating.
The coil absorbs the e-liquid from the reservoir or tank inside the vape and heats it to be inhaled. This can happen almost instantly (such as with disposable vapes) or can take some time (such as with devices that require a button to be pushed to generate vapour).

The government provides clear guidelines for identifying a compliant vaping product and what is not compliant. This guide will help you distinguish between compliant and non-compliant products. Vaping regulations create a safer and more gated environment that benefits everyone operating within the industry.  

A quality product is a device that prioritizes form and function and consistent flavour delivery and performance over the course of its life. In this piece, we’ll provide you with some insights on how these features and pricing structures contribute to how vaping products are positioned – giving you some insight on what to look for in making an informed decision.